The One Miler

Running comes in all variations. Some people run for speed, distance or just combine variations to fit into their daily exercise routine. When I decided to begin my running journey, I was searching for answers that my body was clueless in answering. One would think that with all the conditioning I was self-containing that my cardio was above par. It wasn’t and it immediately showed when I started running the Bronx trails back in April 2020.

I was taken by surprise how the indoor online cardio was hindering my overall progress. Within a few minutes of jogging at a decent pace, I was winded and struggled to get my first one miler complete. It felt exhausting and my mindset was on the verge of defeat. How could someone who has religiously been working out for 3 years have trouble fulfilling a one miler in under 10 minutes. I didn’t set the bar high and the first 2 weeks were humiliating to my athleticism.

In my previous blog, I mentioned that I was training diligently for grappling tournaments in 2017. The cardio and conditioning was intense and my running stamina was amazing. I was pushing 10 laps around #pelhambaypark like nothing, with energy to spare. However I noticed after a two month layoff in 2018 (to a MCL tear in my left leg), my stamina had abandoned me. The shortness of breath was back and I was having trouble completing five minute grappling rounds. It was an eye opener to how important the running played into my conditioning.

For 3 months, I’ve been following two big Instagrams influencers who push me in the running department. If you are big on fitness but hate distance running, these two men will convince you otherwise. #Nick Bare and #CameronHanes are two of the best runners you will find anywhere period. I started following their post and stories to get tips on how to understand the mindset of a runner. I can honestly say that all their social media content from Youtube and Instagram pushed my motivation to a new level. It wasn’t anything specific I viewed, however the “consistency” of their running journey just gave me hope. I learned to be patient and that running required immense patience.

After 3 weeks of “speed” running for one mile and keeping a steady pace for the extra mile, my body adapted. If I told you how many injuries I’ve dealt with in 4 years, I’d probably be told to never run again. I have sustained the following “known” injuries: concussion, MCL tear (left leg), rotator cuff tear, bone on bone spurs and muscle lesion all in my left arm. My back has always been rigid and lacks limited mobility due to all the graphic design work since 2005. Nevertheless, the running seems to be working and minimizing most of my pains all together. I sincerely mean what I am saying in reference to lack of body pain. The running has limited me to soreness and a few aches here and there but my body feels great overrall.

The one miler became easier after the first month of running 4 to 5 days a week. After a while I asked myself if I was ready for the next challenge. As you can guess, the 2 miler has become my best friend since mid-May 2020. If I ever complained about the “one miler”, forgive me. The two miler is a different animal and pushes your soul daily. I thank those who I have watched and given sound advice. Running is an art and not for everybody. For those who knock it as being “easy” or “boring, I welcome you to discover your inner self. It’s going to change you. It’s simply addicting.



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